Our proyects

GOUT, the first outings app that shows how many users are in a place in Miami and Madrid.

We carry out the end-to-end of the project, including Design Thinking, UX UI, Benchmarking, Audit, functional analysis, Capital Venture, Big data, Analytics, and Development.


A new way to go out.

Changing the rules in a competitive marketplace

Delivery Basics brings together all retail stores and supermarkets in the United States - New Jersey in one app.

Delivery Basics has created a network of local markets for customers to shop directly from their mobile phones. It provides the platform for stores to digitize their offerings, allowing customers to choose, based on their convenience. Read more

YPF Ruta: the new solutions platform for your fleet.

Process: Design Thinking, UX UI App, Benchmarking.

Spot YPF

We evolved YPF App on the road.